Manx Utilities have announced that they will be laying a new water main and sewers on East Quay, Peel commencing 7 September into the New Year.

This is much welcome news as it both provides the necessary infrastructure for the sewage system as well as being the preliminary stage in the reconstruction of badly failing East Quay. The budget for East Quay reconstruction was approved in this year’s budget and includes the highway and footpaths. In addition, flood protection work is also planned for East Quay.

Whilst the work is undertaken to upgrade the infrastructure, the route will be closed to through-traffic although each end of the 60m working area will be accessible.

This working area will move south along the Quay as work progresses. There will be space at each end for cars and vans to turn and it will be possible for pedestrians to walk through the work area. The quayside will be accessible for marine operations.

Published On: August 17th, 2020 /