Dear Trustees

We write as the MHKs for Glenfaba and Peel to reflect the concern and dismay over the shock announcement of the imminent closure of the Corrin Home in July.

First of all we would express our concern that we were only told of the imminent closure at the same time as the public residents and staff which has left little time to work with or prepare a response to the closures.

There remain many unanswered questions around this, not least why we were not informed and involved at an earlier stage before the same become almost a fait accompli.

Obviously we would like to assist and facilitate in any way we can and have engaged with a number of parties, including Manx Care, DHSC (Minister Ashford), the Chief Minister, Director of Health, Treasury and of course the community and staff of the care home.

The only engagement that we have not had is with you as Trustees and in this respect there seems to be  a total disconnect between the various charities and the operating company with regard to current resource accounts and the vision going forward. You will see an attachment from the charities register and we see there are four Corrin related charities; Corrin Holdings, Corrin Memorial Home Comforts Committee, Corrin Memorial Home Comforts Fund (Governors Accounts), The Corrin Memorial Home.

A fundamental question that we have been asked as MHK’s on numerous occasions is how much money you as the Trustees hold. As you will be aware there is a public meeting on Monday 17th  and we hope that one or all of you will attend and answer these questions.  

As we understand it residents should have been given 6 months’ notice and we request an explanation around the 1st July as a closure date.

It has also been muted that as the site was put in Trust for a hospital or health related use, that you undertake to transfer the site to DHCS/Government at low cost, looking to the future for the provision of a much needed new facilities in the west, this fulfilling the wishes of the Corrin family.

We have also been asked questions around management of the home over a period of time and why the fundamental issue of addressing occupancy staffing levels, building maintenance, costs and overall management control have not been addressed over the last few years.

It is a sad day for the west and more so for the residents, their relatives and the dedicated staff of the home.

It is our opinion, bearing in mind we believe there are restrictions on the use of the site, that there needs to be a strategic plan for residential care going forward that should involve the Corrin Home and/or the site and we sincerely hope that rumours circulating that the Trustees are hoping to close the home and sell the site for residential development are without foundation.

We would be pleased to meet with you before Mondays meeting to discuss all of these issues which we believe should have been aired before announcement of the closure.

Kind regards

Geoffrey Boot MHK and Ray Harmer MHK

Published On: May 14th, 2021 /