A sewage treatment plant was close to being built this year, but in the end the chosen site was rejected. However new sites have been identified and will be submitted for planning approval in early 2022. If all follows the present course of action, building will begin later next year. I have contended for this desperately needed project over its long history which has taken many twists and turns. At last we are on the brink of seeing it come to fruition.

The current schedule is:

  • Site to be confirmed by MUA in October
  • Submitted to Planning for approval early 2022

The key issues are that firstly the finance was approved by Tynwald in 2019. Prior to this, the strategy was approved by Tynwald and was later reaffirmed in 2018. The design has been completed and regulations for 2006 EU bathing standards have been passed by Tynwald.

I am absolutely passionate about how crucial a sewage plant is for Peel and will continue to fight for it. Steps taken so far include:

  • While Chairman of commissioners, we were united for a solution for Peel – a covered plant with tertiary treatment and which met EU 2006 standards. This was agreed by the MUA.
  • In 2015, when Peel Sewage Plant was not in the pink book – acquired the budget for the design fees and a commitment for the build
  • Persuaded colleagues to have the sewage treatment in the Programme for Government
  • Gave evidence to the Tynwald review committee in 2017 with the Commissioners
  • Successfully with the Commissioners threw out the review committee’s findings to have a further review and further delay the building
  • Secured testing and approval for a budget for treatment of the Raggatt leachate within the sewage treatment plant for Peel
  • Secured with colleagues Tynwald approval for the finance
  • Discussed with the various landowners over the possibility of a treatment plant site
  • Recently ensured the sewage plant was within the North-West plan
  • Successfully lobbied for the piping work for East Quay to be done
Published On: August 26th, 2021 /