Following the IOM Bank closure last year, despite huge protests, I am pushing for a second cashpoint – Shoprite did decline but I have asked them to reconsider following the Coop opening in Crosby. The current cash point was out of action when a software update failed, but although this was resolved, there are still times when it can be empty.

A investigation by DfE into access to cash will report back in October and it does look like there will need to be Government support for a second cashpoint in Peel which I will be pushing for.

The Peggy visits on Tuesday and Thursday and the Post Office provide facilities for Barclays and Lloyds. However, the lack of banking facilities is not acceptable for the third largest population in the Isle of Man.

The Post Office in Peel is key and needs much more support. I have escalated this to DfE and have also pushed that all government services that are available in the Welcome Centre go through the Post Office and this is being pursued.

The commitment for government services including pensions and car tax should be long term. The community payment to the sub post office network needs to reflect the actual costs and there needs to be a continuing commitment to parcel sorting in Peel.

The Post Office Board will be reappointed in October and this provides a very good opportunity. I will push for representation of the sub-post office network on the board. I am pushing for the community payment to be increased with inflation and reductions reversed – this alone could give the Peel post office the funding it needs. This is a high priority but a resolution is very achievable and I will work towards this.

Published On: September 20th, 2021 /