Progress includes:

  • Worked with colleagues to combat the threat of Covid-19 and keep our island safe.
  • As part of the Economic Recovery Group supported businesses with grants and other measures so unemployment is now reduced to less than 500
  • Created the cross department housing strategy board so that the island deals with housing need as a whole
  • Led on the Climate Change Action plan which includes a new green living grant available from this October.
  • Financial provision for the construction of Sewage Plants for Peel & St Johns. Pipework already laid along East Quay and planning for chosen Sewage plant site expected February 2022 with the aim of building later that year. Sewage Plant has been agreed as way of disposing of Raggatt leachate
  • Introduced statutory regulation for Gas which will see fairer prices and creation of Communications & Utilities Regulatory Authority
  • Credit Union Bill passed & Manx Credit Union now established to support those on low incomes
  • Purchase of the Steam Packet, to secure our lifeline and delivered the new User Agreement
  • Worked in the Public Services Commission to improve efficiencies in working terms and conditions and better use of working practices following Covid-19 such as virtual teams and remote working
  • Launched consultation on regulation independent from government as a way forward for better governance
  • Created Western Wellbeing Partnership as part of the integrated care. Surgery also being extended.
  • Replacement of Peel Bridge completed
  • Obtained £1.1 million additional annual spend for our island roads which has meant road improvements, across the West, including resurfacing at St Johns, Patrick & Michael Street
  • Obtained funding for the local Heritage Trail Reconstruction which is complete
  • Foxdale Main Road improvements completed
  • Dredging of Peel marina completed and next step is to reduce any new contaminant
  • Continue to work with Commissioners on a range of issues such as the creation of a Western Housing List
  • Held monthly surgeries with Commissioners and distributed newsletters, both of which I aim to continue.
Peel Marina