Progress includes:

  • Heritage Trail Reconstruction completed
  • Financial provision for the construction of Sewage Plants for Peel & St Johns, with pipework laid along East Quay. Planning for chosen site expected February 2022. Sewage Plant as route to dispose Raggatt leachate
  • Credit Union Bill passed & Manx Credit Union now established to support those on low incomes
  • Tynwald agreement and progressing for a Liverpool Ferry Terminal
  • Working in the Public Services Commission to improve efficiencies in working terms and conditions
  • Foxdale road improvements completed
  • Replacement of Peel Bridge completed
  • Dredging of Peel marina; work underway to reduce contaminant
  • Market Place completion  and commitment to road improvements in the West
  • Working with Commissioners on a range of issues such as the creation of a Western Housing List
  • Held monthly surgeries with Commissioners and distributed newsletters, both of which I aim to continue.
Peel Marina